So we are the Society brain trust – we source volunteers, publish papers and do event planning.

Frank Li

Welcome to our website! My name is Frank Li, and I’m in grade 10 as of next September at Semiahmoo Secondary School in Surrey, British Columbia. I was born and raised in China and came to Canada in 2016, and now I’m fluent in 2 languages, Mandarin and English. In my spare time, I hang out with my friends or play sports, such as basketball, soccer, and snowboarding in winter. I have a passion for sports, but I also love tech and coding.
The Enlightenment Society of BC is a student-run non-profit that is all about providing facts and reasonable arguments on controversial topics that people have a difficult time deciding what or how to think about. Please leave any feedback you care to make, and hopefully you can gain some benefit from the papers we publish here.

Simon Meng

My name is Simon and I am a Semiahmoo Secondary grade 10 student this coming September. I have many interests and one of them is grammar. Yes you heard it correct, English grammar, a “thing” many people consider BORING. Why grammar? Because it is an essential part of any language. Also, if you had a good teacher, grammar isn’t necessarily an uninteresting topic. I am also interested in philology. The process of seeing how a Latin or Greek word turns into a word that we use all the time is just so fascinating to me, but I am not sure why. I like classical literature, such as The Count of Monte Cristo (nothing to do with the cigars by the way). I also love science because everything around us relates to it, and it is important to know a bit about one’s surroundings, no? Okay enough with the subjects I’m interested in. I enjoy the process of creating and building. Woodworking is one of my hobbies, as well as building model kits, constructing Lego builds – and of course writing FACTS to help others who don’t have time to do the research become better citizens.

Andrew Zhang

Hello visitor! My name is Andrew Zhang, and I am in Grade 8 at the Beta Mini-school in Alpha Secondary, Burnaby BC Canada. My favorite color is purple, my favorite subject in school is History, and my favorite food is my father’s steak (very non-PC food choice I know)! I was born and raised here in beautiful BC and I am fluent in four different languages (English, French, Cantonese, Mandarin) and I hope to learn a fifth next year. Hobbies of mine include reading, playing trading card games, eating Korean noodles and having some bubble tea with friends. I’m a proud Leo, and I go to many extracurricular occasions, ranging from competitive cubing (solving a Rubik’s Cube) to debate tournaments at our local universities UBC and SFU. As of now I am writing a research paper for the Society about the two Atomic Bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as well as the many questions regarding these deadly, tragic events. I hope you enjoy your time on our website, and thanks for dropping by!

Adam Han

Hi there! My name’s Adam, and I’m from Chantrell Creek Elementary, and will be in grade 7 this September. Chantrell is this unknown little school in White Rock, Canada. Everyone that lives near there is rich, but I’m not, because I don’t live near and I’m just a kid. Anyways, I’m just your average 12 year old that does 200 pages of math a day, you know, the usual nerd. If you’re someone like me, I think you would enjoy the papers and events we do via the Enlightenment Society of BC. Anyways, I don’t even know why you’re reading this, but you should skip now and go enlighten yourself on our website! And FYI just because I am the last dude on the page does not imply anything.