What is it?

The Enquirer is a student-led blog dedicated to critically examining important issues, news stories, and culture, and to explore topics of interest to our contributors. All research/writing is done from a rational/objective/fact-based perspective.

Here are some of the key elements of the site that you can count on:

    • we fact-check editorials and news stories
    • we identify/analyze overt and covert arguments to evaluate their logic, biases and evidence
    • we analyze/evaluate films to decode their covert messages and then rate them
    • we explore current research in diverse areas of interest to us, such as AI, bio-engineering, international relations, economics, etc.

Snopes.comPolitifact.com and ProPublica are websites that serve as our inspiration – please look them up as a reference for what we do.


Because students need volunteer opportunities that they can truly learn from. The time has come when those of us who have the training must commit to helping the citizens of our struggling democracies become better informed. People generally don’t know why they believe something, and have a hard time changing their minds/hearts, especially when they are wrong. Here is a link to a simple, incisive explanation for this unfortunate phenomenon with evidence to boot: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/believe_clean

Our intention is not to be right in order to embarrass or denigrate, but simply to provide the unvarnished facts whenever possible. We can only hope that enough facts will tip the balance in favor of rational discourse. This hope is founded on our belief that History is a story of progress, however imperfect and incremental.